About us

Maurice Koks

Founder & CEO

In 2011 I needed a CRM for my Premium Cigar Manufacturing & Distribution business, As a Gmail user since their Beta in 2004
I searched for a solution which might allow me to integrate with Gmail. Even better, I hoped to find a way to stay within Gmail, enable me to
fashion templates, and, if possible, track my emails.

After a long search, I ended up with 3 apps, that offered partial
solutions: Cirrus Insight, Yesware and Salesforce.

I liked the combination of features they offered but as a small / medium size
business I couldn't justify paying an arm and a leg on monthly subscriptions
for our team of 8 people.

I thought,"there must be a more affordable solution out there", but there wasn't. At least I couldn't find
one. The only thing I found where overpriced solutions, and not one offered all the features I needed.

So early 2014 I decided to take the Plunge and started to build a system myself.

Arcade CRM was born.

I wasn't surprised to learn I wasn't the only one who saw the need for such system. While building Arcade, an app called Prosperworks hit the scene. They offered an approach similar to what I was looking for, but like the others, the cost was prohibitive for small business.

I was certain I was on the right track. These limited, unsatisfying options encouraged me with even more reason to continue to build

"The Affordable Gmail Centered CRM for SMB's"

After thousands of man hours of hard work, .... here it is for you Today, ... available to help us both take control of our businesses, without breaking the bank.

Give it a shot, and email me at maurice@arcadecrm.com to let me know what you think.


CEO, Arcade CRM