While in Beta Arcade is Free, however we like to be transparent
so here is the proposed pricing for our services

Simple, straigthforward pricing

$ 15 per user / month
CRM for growing Businesses
  • Complete customer management
  • Full sales management features
  • Native Mobile apps
  • Gmail integration
SAVE 20%
$ 12 per user / month
CRM for growing Businesses
  • Complete customer management
  • Full sales management features
  • Native Mobile apps
  • Gmail integration
Arcade CRM Features
Leads, Contacts, Companies Manage across all parts of your business
Tasks & Event Management Increase productivity, understand what to do next
Document Management
Native Mobile apps (online & offline)
Custom Fields
Opportunity Management
Task Management
Drag & Drop Sales Pipeline
Google Integration, G suite - Gmail, Drive & Docs
Google Chrome Extension
Google Maps, address lookup
Email Open Tracking
Email Reminders
Email Templates
Arcade Voice Phone Number **
Call Logging & Recording
Built in Dialer
Phone Number Validator
MailChimp Integration
Web to Lead forms
Bank Quality Security (256 bit - ssl)
Secure data centers / Amazon Web Services
Basic Reporting
Sales Forecasting
Sales Goals & Leaderboard
Workflow Task, Event & Email Automation
Multiple / Customizable Sales Pipelines
Role Based Permissions & Visibility
**Additional call rates may apply.

Need help deciding?
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Choosing a CRM that meets your company's needs can be confusing and difficult
We've created a comparison table so you can see how Arcade CRM stacks up against other comparable CRM's

Target Market
Small - mid size businesses
$12 - $ 15
Billed Monthly
Free Trial
14 Days
Ease of setup
Task Automation
Reporting & Analytics
Google Integration
Mobile Apps
Google Chrome Extension
Email Templates
Email Open Tracking
MailChimp Integration
Permissions & Visibility
Goal Settings
In app Collaboration Tool
Web to Lead Form & Widget
Customer Support
(online, In-app 24/365 phone)
Need help deciding? Reach out to us: info@arcadecrm.com or book a Demo

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Small & medium businesses who like to be on top of their daily work, Arcade CRM is simple, intuitive and requires no training.
Nope, There are no long-term contracts and you may cancel at any time, However if you cancel the Arcade CRM team will miss you dearly.
A user is any member of your team who has their own Arcade login. Each user is $12/month if paid Annualy or $15/month if paid Monthly and has access to all of Arcade's features.
Yes! Arcade is pay-as-you-go, and you can easily add or remove users from your account with a couple of clicks.
Absolutely. Arcade's Quickstart program includes a one hour training. We also build a Guide right in the system which shows the system step by step
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. If billed annualy we also accept Paypal and wire transfers, to set this up please email us at support@arcadecrm.com
Your Privacy and Security is our #1 priority. We've taken measures to make sure no one outside your team can accress your account. All connections are done over an SSL encrypted connection - the same technology used by banks
If you have questions about Arcade CRM please email us at support@arcadecrm.com or contact us through the in-app support widget, or visit our Knowledgebase