Bank level encryption to safeguard your data

256-BIT Encription over SSL (https)

Arcade CRM uses SSL-encrypted (Secure Sockets Layer) connections by default, the same level of encryption used by financial institutions to secure online banking transactions.

Whether you use our web app, mobile apps, Chrome extension or one of our integrations, every session between you and Arcade CRM is always encrypted ensuring the integrity and security of all your data.

Passwords are hashed before storing using bcrypt and application credentials are kept separate from the database and our code base.

Reliability in every aspect

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Arcade CRM uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage user data.
All data is stored redundantly and automatically backed up.

AWS has Data centers in clusters in various global regions and gives us
the flexibility to maintain more than 99,9% uptime 24x7x365 even in
case of failure including natural disasters.

In addition the AWS network provides significant protection against
traditional network security issues such as DDoS & MITM attacks.

Two-Factor Authentication

Extra security for your Arcade account

In addition to your username and password we offer Two-Factor
authentication, here you receive a unique security code on
your mobile phone adding a extra layer of security to your account
as safety, security and data privacy is our top priority